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Orange Films

Orange Films

"We give the best value for your money".


1. The weight of experience:

With exceptional knowledge of world wide production experience and over 15 years as producer experience. Orange Films established in both HCM & Thailand 2009 by Huy Tran. Orange teams regularly, produce TVC for Vietnam, Thailand, Korea and a lot of co-ordination with foreign film crew.


2.The philosophy Yin and Yang of production:

Software and hardware, people and tools, crew and equipments, local crew and strong world wide connection. The one is lost without the others while together team produce great work.“We give the best value for your money”. At Orange films, we offer for consultation, service to help you prepare realistic cost projections, we involve you in every step of production process, and we deliver quality finished film. That meet the Creative objective, the marketing objective and budget objectives, the level of professionalism thattranslates in to the best value for your money.

3.Our service:

- TV Commercial full production

- Production Co-ordinator

- Studio and equipments rental

- Professional crews

- Still Photographer

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